End of Quarter Shopping Spree!

In celebration of the end of our finals, my roomate and I treated ourselves to a shopping spree downtown and here is what we got:
I finally bought the Marc by Marc Jacobs mary janes. They were 30% off PLUS an additional 25%. Bargain!
I thought it would be perfect to match this season's cute dresses, like this one above from Aqua. Unfortunately I tried them on together and it seems that the strap does appear to cut my legs up...... maybe it takes getting used to? My mom thought it looks better worn than in a picture......Oh and isn't this dress super cute? I love the metallic and the simple style, perfect for the holiday season. Only thing is, the cutting is a bit awkward and makes me look pregnant and the hem bit at the bottom is a bit fragile.....
I also finally bought an oh-so-popular beret from Urban Outfitters. It was a tough choice between a good head fit (the cable knit one) or a nice color (this black one with silver sparkles). As you can see, I decided on the nice color one. The cable knit one was brown.... Though now that I look at the pictures of myself throughout the day wearing this hat, I'm having second thoughts. Maybe the beret look too takes getting used to........
Then, there was this vibrant blue silk dress shirt from Barneys with the tie (I finally learnt how to tie a tie!!!). I imagine it would look hot with a high waisted pencil skirt and a pair of pointy black heels- unfortunately I have no occasion to wear such a hot office outfit to. So I was thinking of just casually with jeans. I love it. Only downside though is that it doesn't look very good in pictures because you can't really appreciate the details as well and it just looks like a bunch of stuff..... but its super cute in real life!
Attracted by the super cute window display we went into Express to check it out. On the rack this dress looked kind of slutty, but when worn it actually looks really nice (it also helps that I have no chest...). While in the store I did a mini survey with the corporate office ladies from Express and they gave me a $10 coupon. Then when I was checking out, this lovely lady next to me gave me one of her $25 off coupon (thanks again!). So in the end, the dress was half off! Score! I love it :) though my mom finds it a bit low cut... oh well, it'll be perfect for the holidays!
The other red dress I was considering was this one my friend has from BCBG. Isn't it SO darling? It fits perfectly (and modestly) on top, with the little tie on one side which is so cute. And the dress part is silky and shiny with a a bit of bubbling at the bottom. Two very similar yet very different dresses I know... but I love them both!
Oh and I thought I'll throw in this other dress my friend recently bought also from BCBG (yes, she loves BCBG). I believe HG talked about this some time ago. I just love how sophisticated and elegant it is.

Sigh, so I guess I have a lot of thinking to do tonight and a lot of returning to do tomorrow.... any thoughts on who stays and who goes?


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