When Should One Abandon Teen Magazines?

Continuing from my ramblings on my teen magazine years (see yesterday's post), today I wonder whether it is time that I abandon them.
I'm not a teenager anymore -I'm in my last year of college now. For the past few years, I've been feeling that I was too old for Teen Vogue. The girls featured inside the magazines, whether they are the 'normal' girls or the celebrities, are starting to seem really young, some around 13 to 16 years old. I'm really starting to feel the generation gap! The articles about the 'issues of the month' are still relevant sometimes, but they're short and don't provide much info most of the time. Plus they tend to relate the 'issue' to celebrities and not talk much about the actual issue. Also, for reasons I have yet to figure out, I don't like the styling of the editorials as much as before. For example, there was an editorial this year in which all the outfits just looked like adaptations of the Balenciaga FW07 outfits. I mean, I know Balenciaga is leading the trends this year, but couldn't the editorial have more variety apart from skinny jeans with blazers and a scarf?

But even with all this, I still buy Teen Vogue. Why? Because while I'm not a teenager anymore, I'm still at school so it means that I still dress really casually. Plus unless the reader was seriously mature and city slick, most teenagers probably don't dress the way people are dressed inside Teen Vogue until the reader is in college, (where she'll be exposed to more people and style.)

Before anyone suggests Nylon, the style inside Nylon is starting to feel a bit too young and hip for me too. I know Nylon is meant to be for readers from mid-teens to their twenties but still. I mean, I can't imagine that after graduation, I'll have much chance to wear such cool casual outfits. Sigh, but I do love their melanchony, nerdy-chic looking fashion editorials.

So when do you think one should stop/ did you stop buying teen magazines?


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