Where are the Wearable Heels?

Shopping for shoes is really harder than I thought. Last month when I was in London and had nothing to do, I went shoe-shopping and to my surprise, it was very hard to find shoes that I actually liked enough to try on. The reason? Mostly because the shoes out there were super high-heeled -mostly 4-inches high.

Shortly after, I read this article on timesonline.co.uk about the current trend of skyscraper heels. It basically tries to use the current social environment to explain why skyscraper heels are so popular and that the most fashionable women would not dare to wear shoes lower than 4 inches, (although flats are acceptable.) I don't agree with some of the points in the article but it's interesting to read about the super high heels out there.

OK, back to my original point. The point is, it's just so hard to find shoes that I like (the look of) and are practical. When I mean practical, I don't even mean 1-inch kitten heels (although 1-inch heels sound nice for work) -what I mean are 2 to3 inch heels, which to me sound like heels of the perfect height for partying or a nice night out.

Yes, I get that 4-inch heels would make one look taller, obviously. But what's the point when you're going to spend the whole night hobbling around and feeling tired or even pain (from just standing!)? Perhaps the pain of skyscraper heels is worth it if you're a celebritiy who is getting photographed on the red carpet in a fabulous dress and you only have to stand around for awhile. But if you're a girl who just wants a fun night out, you probably don't want or need such high heels. Clearly as consumers we have the choice not to buy such high heels if we don't want to, but the problem is, it's just so hard to find pretty heels of decent height these days!

Seriously, am I the only one who is finding it harder and harder to find a wearable pair of heels?

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