Karl Lagerfeld's SS07 Minimalistic Ads

You know, Karl Lagerfeld is seriously amazing. I mean, he is almost /past 70 years old (no one knows precisely what his year of birth is,) yet he seems more active and busy than any of us. How does he find the time to design all those collections for Chanel, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld, and be a photographer at the same time? I know he's got design teams and all, but still. Anyways, so I really liked his ads this season -the images are so sharp and stunning.
First there's Chanel . The ads were quite minimalistic, (but not the most extreme type of minimalism). Some people even felt the ads were boring but I liked them more than Daria's previous ads. The casting director and Karl definitely picked the right model: Freja Beha Erichsen. She is so perfect for this ad -she's got the perfect legs to complement the super short clothes. And even though I'm not a fan of Chanel's bikini bottom-looking shorts, everything looks so perfectly put together and sophisticated. Loves it!
Then there's Fendi. Another quite but not extremely minimalistic ad (at least the model is standing on a mirrored surface and the background is the sea and sky). Some of the shots very much resemble the Chanel ones, but I think Raquel Zimmermann sends out a 'strong woman' sort of vibe. She really makes the clothes give a powerful feeling out. I didn't like her much but this ad has changed by mind.
And lastly, there's Karl's own line, Karl Lagerfeld. Oddly, it's the only campaign which isn't minimalistic, but I love him for shooting Gemma Ward. However, biased as I am as a Gemma fan, this campaign is my least favourite one out of the three. Not that these ads aren't good -because they are, especially this image (above), but there's just something I don't completely like about the ads. Maybe because I can't see the whole outfit? I don't know.
Anyhow, the Chanel ones are my favourite. What did you think of Karl's SS07 ads?


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