SS07 Trend: High-Waisted Wide Leg Trousers

First off, regarding Sat's 'Thoughts On Three CDs' post, I would like to point out that taste is subjective, whether it is of fashion, beauty, music, books and food etc. Everyone should have their own likes and dislikes and be open-minded about those of others. Afterall, what makes your taste superior to someone else's? But anyways, let's move onto today's topic: high-waisted wide leg trousers (such an annoying long name!)

I grew up in the mid-90's to mid-00's, when low-waisted jeans (or pants) dominated, so I must say, it feels very weird for me to see high-waisted trousers (or anything high-waisted for that matter). I've always thought high-waisted trousers as a thing of the past -something that is unmodern and most importantly, something that is unflattering to the majority.
But then when the tide seemed to hint of such trousers and Top Shop made some, I thought it was a good time just to experiment with them. Thus I bought this affordable pair from Top Shop. So now I have to look at different people wearing them to get inspiration and styling yeses and nos.

I was first inspired by MK, whose trousers are from Top Shop. For such a short girl, she sure doesn't make the trousers look unflattering (although it looks like she's got those super high Balenciaga boots underneath.) I really like the business look on the left and the cool look on the right. Unfortunately, it's hard to look as casual cool as she does.

Styling yes: Keep the top simple, mono-colour and deflated (ie. no volume). And tuck the top in. I really love Ashley's trousers on the left -the top of the trousers exactly at the narrowest bit of Ashley's waist. The trousers look clean-cut and stylish, plus they make her body look long.

Keira Knightley shows that even for someone as thin and tall as her, these trousers can look nice or just wide, depending on the angle. And I'm not so sure on the striped top (to go with these trousers.)

Styling no: Make sure there are no puffy pockets on the trousers because it just makes your stomach look bigger than it actually is.

New photos of Mischa seems to say, if you want to try high-waisted wide leg trousers, don't go for denim! Stick to black and grey like MK and Ash. Afterall, if it can make Mischa Barton look wide, then it's bound to make most of us look worse.
My final verdict: High-waisted wide leg trousers are very difficult to wear no matter how you put it. And I still think they don't look young, casual or modern. But hey, that's what high street shops are for -to let us try out trends for a short period of time just for fun!


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