Spider Man 3

As one of the few big movies out recently (seriously, there has been like a drought), I was sort of excited to see this even though I don't exactly recall seeing the second one. I DO recall a scene where Mary Jane finds out that Peter is Spiderman and the scene where they are kissing in their apartment with the windows opened, and the wind was blowing MJ's long white dress. My friends assures me that this scene was from the end of the second one. . . so here's a hint for those of you who don't remember either. I'm obviously not a big a fan as those who dressed up to go see the first Spiderman showing midnight of Thursday....
Obviously from the poster, one can tell that this is about Spiderman moving onto the dark side and him struggling to get back on the good side.
And in my opinion, he should, because he looks really bad when he's over to the dark side, with his bangs gel-ed down like that and everything. Although his pompous behavior was kind of funny in some parts.
He looked much better (although lets not stretch it now) as the normal nerdy Peter. And how romantic is it to lie on a web above the ground, gazing at the stars together? Although this is where he found the thing that lead him over to the dark side- which teaches us that one should not frolic in the woods. Seriously, according to the movies/tv shows, the woods is where all these strange things come from!
First thing I asked my friend who saw it before I did was, "Was James Franco in it??" He's like the highlight of the movie for me. When he came on screen in this first scene, my friend and I both silently squealed! He just looks SO cute! For those of you who don't remember, he played Harry, Spiderman's best friend, who had an evil father whom he thought Spiderman killed in the first/second movie. So here, he was very mad at Peter and he was set on revenge.
But then something happens and they're all friends again. And then he was all goofy, cute and endearing.I especially loved the scene when he was cooking for Mary Jane. SO CUTE! And at the end I loved him even more, even though he wasn't perfect. And one of the reasons I'm putting up so many scenes with him in it is because I just love looking at him :)Oh and of course there was Mary Jane. I thought her white dress when she was performing coming down the stairs looked great. And throughout she had some pretty cute but classic dresses and pretty blouse and skirts. Although I was VERY disappointed with that ugly orange dress she wore in the final scene. All I could think of in that scene was how much I don't like that dress. Did I already mention that it was orange?
Topher Grace was in it too, playing a competing photographer for Spiderman pictures to Peter at the news agency (I thought that was pretty funny). If it wasn't for the name, I would never recognize him as the kid from That Seventies Show. He looks so different!
And this is sandman, who turns out to have quite a bit of history with Peter. But after seeing his story, I felt slightly sorry for him.

Over all I thought it was quite good for such a long movie. It was very packed with action and intrigue. So go see it!


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