S/S08 Trend: Seeing the Stars

One of the most copied (and the easiest to imitate) trend this season so far is the star print. It's everywhere. It's in all the highstreet stores I've been to or checked out online. And I'm really starting to dislike it.

Let's start from the beginning, the star prints were most prominently featured in the S/S08 collections of YSL in the form of big starry prints and costume jewelry. The plastic star earrings were sold out when I went to a YSL store a few days ago in Hong Kong. As for the plastic star necklace, the first time my friends and I saw the price online, we were absolutely flabbergasted!
The other prominent star supporter was Chanel, in the form of little white stars with a navy blue backdrop. Some fashion magazines have included it as an example of the stars trend, while others have claimed it to be part of the 'American' colours trend (-I guess because of the stars part of the US flag.)
Kate Moss, ever the trend leader already started wearing it last year.
No matter where the trend started, the Chanel version has definitely spread. I don't want to be mean, but I think that one should be very careful when buying star printed items because it's so easy for these items to look cheap.
These two are what I think are the best examples of how the star printed items can look cheap. The dress on the left (by ASOS) just looks sort of skanky, and the skirt on the right (by Top Shop) looks so cheap and childish looking that I wonder who above the age of 14 would buy it.
As for this Oasis dress, doesn't it look too mature to you? Or maybe they were just aiming for an older audience.
These two items are both by French Connection. I really dislike the top -it just looks cheap and very tight-fitted. But strangely, I think the dress version is kind of cute.
I do think the star prints can look nice on certain items. Take these tops for instance, maybe it's because of the material or elegant designs, but these top look really pretty. I especially like the white one (left) by ASOS -imagine it as part of a work outfit! The top on the right is by Top Shop.
And check out this dress by ASOS. I'm still not sure what to think of it: On one hand, I think it's styled and modelled really coolly in the picture. On the other hand, I can't imagine actually wearing a complete outfit that is all star-printed.
For something more fun than the white and navy blue star prints, Emilio Pucci has a few pieces of colourful star printed items.
In sync with the star trend, Top Shop has this very basic pink T-shirt. I imagine it would look cool on a teenager doing the whole rock chick/ skater girl look (-yes, perhaps I watch too much TV and read too much high school fiction.)
I'm just not a fan of the star-prints, I guess. It's such a slippery slope that I haven't been brave enough to buy anything star-printed yet. Has anyone bought something star-printed yet? How are you liking this trend?


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