A Light Eye Cream

I started using eye moisturiser when I first started using skincare. It's always been an important part of my skincare regime since the eye area seems like the first area that aging can be seen obviously. I mention this because I know plenty of girls who don't use eye moisturiser. (Whenever I find out, I try to encourage them to start using eye moisturiser, sometimes even physically sampling and promoting eye creams at counters to them, but almost no one ever listens to me!) Since I have combination/ slightly oily skin, I always stick to oil-free eye gels. The two that I used a lot were by ~H2O+ and Laneige.

Anyways, ever since obvious fine lines have started to appear under my eyes last year, I have started to wonder whether my eye moisturiser wasn't enough. Logically, I know I am simply aging and have seriously bad sleeping habits. But it really hit home last summer, when the salesladies at various beauty counters stopped recommending me water-based eye moisturiser and started recommending me the slightly heavier creams. So it was definitely time for me to 'up' my eye moisturiser from eye gels to light eye creams.

Thankfully a year ago, BG and her friend gave me a thank you gift -Caudalie Contour Cream Eyes and Lips. They were spending a term in Paris back then and said Caudalie products are cheaper and worth it there. So last fall (07), I started to use it and I really liked it! It was a great eye cream in that it was just what I was looking for: it was not just another water-based moisturiser since it was not oil-free, but it was light -it didn't feel sticky or thick and most importantly, didn't clog up the pores around the eye area. To be honest, I have no idea whether it actually helped with fine lines or other eye are problems, but it's not like I can tell with other eye products either, so I've decided to be satisfied with any decent preventive eye cream.

My tube of Caudalie is about to be used up and now I'm in search for my next light eye cream. Notice that I keep on emphasising 'light'. There are simply too many eye creams out there that are too heavy for my combination skin.
The description of Clinique's All About Eyes sounds like it's just what I'm looking for. But the reviews over at Makeup Alley make it seem mediocre, and All About Eyes Rich sounds too heavy. Plus I'm hesistent with Clinique products because I've tried a few out (like Moisture Surge) two years back, but I have to say I wasn't impressed with any of the products.
Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avacado is another candidate. I've already tried it out from samples and well, I'm not too sure what to think about it. It's certainly not a very heavy eye cream so in that aspect, it should fit my criteria, but I think it's just slightly too heavy. And after testing it out for a few weeks, it didn't seem very moisturising.

If you know any good ones, please recommend me a light eye cream! I need to buy a new one really soon!


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