Forever 21 Summer Dresses

Now that SS08 is upon us (or at least it SHOULD be- I don't understand why it is still so cold!), I really want a very bright and colorful summer dress. Nothing too fancy. Just a simple, colorful jersey dress that I can wear casually to class or whatnot. Preferably a cheap one. What better place to look for one then Forever 21? And so, the other day, I went into the new store on Mag Mile (the one that replaced Virgin Records) to look for one.
At first, I was thrilled. They had lots of simple jersey dresses in a range of super bright colors at really cheap prices (i.e. $10-20)- exactly what I was looking for! So I grabbed as many as my arms can support and went to try them on in the changing room.

NONE of the dresses I tried fit me. I am not by all means, looking for something that fits me perfectly- just something that fits me decently. But still, NOTHING did. I tried on the two dresses above. I know that its a bit low cut, but I figured I can adjust it and maybe wear a lacey spaghetti strap underneath. Unfortunately the chest bit was too loose.
Ok, I can accept that maybe those dresses won't fit me because I have no chest and it will probably fit others better. But then I tried these two above, which really shouldn't require too much of a chest, and they STILL didn't fit. For the yellow one (left), I think the back was too loose. And for the red one (right), it was the chest again. Is it too much to ask for a simple (spaghetti strapped perhaps?), bright, cheap jersey dress that fits ok? How hard can it be?

Maybe, I am just

Image Source: Forever 21


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