FW07 Trend: Blue Eye Shadows

The ballots are in. All the make-up houses agree. Blue is the shade this season.

As one of their new fall looks, Mac came out with this Blue Storm look.
Created with their new Matte² highly pigmented eye shadow, you can tell from the look above that the effect is very intense. This would be perfect for a dramatic look for a night out. Personally though this is a bit too much for my taste.

Laura Mercier also came out with a Stormy collection (I guess rain and wind is trendy this season). The ad is much more dramatic than the Mac, but the blues are still quite intense.
Their blue sky quad was actually what inspired this whole post. If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you will know that eye shadow quads are my weakness. Isn't this quad sooo pretty? After much admiration on the internet, I finally got around to trying it out the other day at the counter. Unfortunately it seems that blue really isn't my color. I tried, I really did. Usually when something looks nice, I can tell straight away. But this time when the sales lady tried it on me and I took a double take and had to cover my other eye in an attempt to find the beauty in it. The sales lady tried to help by adding eye liner and more of the darker shades for the more "full effect" saying that the blue takes some time to get used to, but no matter what she did/say and how much I tried, I still looked like I'd been punched. It is really too bad, I was fully prepared to buy it! The shades are just too blue! But the thing is, the sales lady looked perfectly fine with the blue shades on and she has a very similar skin tone as me. I don't know what went wrong there.
And then of course there is my darling Bobbi Brown with their limited edition metallics collection that comes in Midnight Metallics.
Isn't this palette so pretty too? I was torn between this and the Laura Mercier. But ultimately, I think this is the better blue palette around, because the two grey/silver blue colors are the perfect compliment to the dark blue, easily creating a whole smokey eye effect with a blue tinge.
Incidentally, I also love their Forest Metallics. The greens are just sooo rich and lustrous that it has blown away all my previous reservations about green eye shadows ever since my friend told me they looked slutty and I saw a middle aged lady wearing lime green eye shadow over her heavy powdered face and very red lipsticks, which really scared me. Those are lime green. But this is much richer and the effect is much classier and more elegant. I absolutely LOVE this palette. Hmm... so I guess at the end of the day, I just can't get away from Bobbi Brown.

Chanel also has an eye shadow quad with blue shades as well, though it is not new. HG has it and the effect looks great, all smokey blue eye with a very pretty sparkly undertone.


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