Gucci Shades

As hard as I try, I can't seem to get over my love for the giant plastic framed shades. Everytime when I think I've found the perfect pair that would last me a lifetime, I find a new pair that is more perfect than the last. And the thing is, they're all basically huge shades with plastic frames!
So I am perfectly aware that this will probably not be the last time I utter this sentence, but I swear this time I've found the perfect giant plastic shades. Wandering aimlessly around the department store, I glanced over at the shades selection they just popped out from amongst the rows of oddly shaped new trendy shades that I doubt would look flattering on me. It was almost like in those cartoons when the character finally finds the item they've been looking for and the item just shines in the distant and music comes up and the world is perfect again. These Gucci shades are perfectly rounded and the nose support is just right that the bottom of the frames do not touch your cheeks (I have to admit, my current one does touch the cheek). And they look fabulous on. They are just brilliant in its simplicity and elegant shape. It comes in brown and black, but somehow I prefer the brown, thinking its more chic and not quite so dark. Plus, since I already have black plastic frames....brown plastic frames would be a variation. My current huge plastic framed shades are from Dior, and don't get me wrong, I still love it to bits. I especially love the Dior "D" on the side with the pretty flower detail on the edges. And it looks great. But I'm sure all of you will agree that they are very different from the Gucci it is a different kind of perfect. OR maybe the trend for huge plastic frames has evolved over seasons and I have not even noticed but just blindly followed to my liking. Wow, now even I am slightly confused with my logic. Whichever way, those Gucci are just soooo beautiful!
Incidentally, I would like to mention that I also tried on these pair from DVB, just because its from DVB and I wanted to see what they were like. The shape and design is actually quite nice. Only thing is, they are so black that I felt blind in it. I guess thats what celebs need for maximum coverage from the paparazzi?

Image Source: Otticanet


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