New York F/W 08 Fashion Week Wrap Up III

Marc Jacobs
The only word that comes to mind when I saw the Marc Jacobs collection was, interesting....... I don't quite know what to make of it.
Most of the collection consisted of oversized bags of cloth that he's trying to pass off as coats (above). Ok that was a bit harsh. Admittedly, if you look closely there are some designs and thoughts put into the coats (esp the collar of the white coat: left). But in all honestly, if given the choice between spending over $1000USD on these coats or some other coats, I'd opt for something that will at least look a bit more flattering on me.
Some of the more distinctive pieces in the collection. I thought the scarf thing on the white shirt (right) is quite interesting.
And these dresses look quite demure and ladylike (which if you've been reading this blog for a while, is more my cup of tea). Though the oversized shoulder pads (right) is a big turn off, it just seems incongruous with the rest of the outfit!
The evening wear was... ok. Its not wow, but its not flat ugly or anything either. Just ok. I thought these two were the best of the bunch. Even Jacobs himself said that he "wasn't very inspired this season," - one can totally see that from this collection.

Bill Blass
I've never given the brand Bill Blass much thought, but surprisingly clicking through the pictures I found that this was one of my favourite collections from NY fashion week this season (besides Proenza Schouler, which I thought was brilliant). Turns out that this is Peter Som's debut at Blass, where he played with a "mix of luxurious opposites." And the result just gorgeous! I want it all!
I love the feminine and masculine contrast here. I especially adore the extravagant bow tie detail. It is definitely one of those little things that we can all easily emulate in street fashion to give our outfits a bit more oomph.
The mix of vibrant colors with winter greys is just brilliant. Plus, I just LOVE these purples and blues that he chose.
The dress is simple, clean cut yet feminine with the floral pattern and purple belt. In contrast, the frilly top is feminine yet the cutting is sharp and clean as well. Both outfit strikes the perfect balance.
The dresses were also divine. Simply styled and tailored, the vibrant bold colors and soft flowing materials created the perfect juxtaposition.
This purple dress is my favourite of the evening wear. I think the vibrant purple hue and the flowing skirts speaks for itself. And I thought the last silver dress was great too. She had feathers/frills coming out everywhere and yet she didn't look like a bird.

Definitely if I were to spend $1000USD and above for an item between these two collections, it will be on Bill Blass.

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