Venice For A Weekend

With New York's rather dull season and with online fashion staples all reporting on various fashion weeks, I thought we could take a break and looks at something different. Last weekend, I went to Venice with my parents. All I can say is, Venice is absolutely gorgeous! At first, I was a bit hesistent about Venice because I've heard it's not really that pretty and it smells there. But for the two days I was there, the weather was perfect -cool and sunny. It wasn't too crowded and I loved just walking around admiring the old buildings with the canals. As for food, the seafood and pasta were gooood!!

If you walk on any of the larger bridges, then you would get a beautiful view like this one.

St. Mark's Basilica -possibly the most 'golden' church that I've been to.

The view from the top of St. Mark's Basilica. Isn't the view amazing? For once I was glad that it was sunny. On the left is Doge's Palace, where the famous Bridge of Sighs is. There is even a prison inside the palace, and it is dark and cold down there.

And to experience passing through Venice, take a boat ride (like a bus). It's a different experience from walking around. On the boat, you get a much broader view. You almost feel like there's too much to see and for your brain to process the gorgeousness.

A common marketplace/ piazza. It looked historical in an old and pretty way to me.

As for souvenirs, the most typical things to buy are probably the masks and glass. There were a lot of these stores around. I really wanted a mask like the one Blair wore in Gossip Girl, but that type of masks was too expensive, so I settled for an ordinary tourist-y eye mask. It's still a prettier souvenir than the stuff you can buy in other places, probably because it feels more like a simple piece of artwork than a tourist's souvenir.

San Marco Piazza at night. It feels more calm and historical, and less tourist-y at night. It's very fun and relaxing to wonder around here after dinner.

So yup, I loved Venice! Although I wouldn't want to stay there for more than a few days, I really enjoyed everything there! If you're planning to travel around that area, you must go to Venice! And if you have been there, did you like it there? (It's interesting because people's views seem very extreme -they either loved it or hated it.)


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