New York F/W08 Fashion Week Wrapup I

It's time for fashion week again! First off, the city of modern, contemporary wear, New York.

Proenza Schouler
I'll start off with my favourite collection so far, Proenza Schouler. Now I have to admit, when they first started, I liked but didn't love their clothes. I still remember those tops with bras on them -done prettily but not exactly my style. But this collection is so gorgeous while still being contemporary and wearable. The colours were mostly neatral, but the collection started off with a range of rich, dark colours that are just irristiable.
LOVE the design of the first few dresses. They're short (ie. young), and the folds of the fabric that create bow-like ruffles are so pretty. Plus the mix of two fabric (silk in certain areas) really make the mono-coloured dresses so much more outstanding. Seriously loves it!
Even though this collection is supposed to be the creative collection as opposed to their more commercial collection in the showroom, the coats still look very well cute and wearable-in-real-life to me.
For the people who have to work and go out to fancy dinners and cocktails afterwards.
Cool cocktail and party dresses. Slouchy pants were also a 'thing' in this collection, but I'm not sure everyone would look great in them in real life.

BCBG Max azria
I thought I wasn't going to write about BCBG this time because the runway clothes aren't the dresses that we see in stores anyway, but there were some pretty outfits that I couldn't resist. All the outfits were outfitted with cute, bow-like, brown leather belts.
I can imagine wearing these (the two on the right) out on a relaxed, not-too-cold winter day wondering around stylish shopping malls and stopping for tea. I especially like the outfit on the right: the white, asymmetric top and mini-skirt is totally my taste. (Although I probably wouldn't bother dressing up so much unless it was a really special day out.
More young, fashionable and put-together outfits. The outfit on the left is so adorable. Making the grey, tweed-like dress short and A-line really makes it young and wearable. And that huge silk, cream collar and sleeves add major class to the outfit. The other dresses are so modern too. Seriously, this collection is so much better than the last one (-the lingerie-like collection).

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Marc's collection is always one I look foward to in New York because it is the most accessible. There's so much stuff in one collection it always takes me a long time (usually until the collection starts arriving in store,) to appreciate the designs. So at first glance, everything's just a bit messy and grungy. Here are some I'm already starting to think look cute:
Shift dresses has been such an essential in the past few seasons. These two (the right and left ones) are great for daytime, but not so much for parties at night. And note the slouchy pants. They're starting to be the trend of F/W08.
And more 80's style streetwear. Some of the stuff remind me of Luella.
Mini-skirts continue to be a trend here, as are sequins. Hmm, still not sure what to think about the Marc collection, but moving on.

You will notice that our wrapups are usually pretty late, (which is very late in fashion time now,) but our wrapups are not professional reviews (see,, etc for those.) We're merely jotting down a few thoughts we have about the collections that we're interested in. However, DO tell us what you think about them too! It's always fun to see what everyone else thinks.

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