Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Nudes Palette

As some of you may realize by now, I'm a bit of an eye shadow palette junky- especially Bobbi Brown ones. Its probably because a) I just can't control myself and my love for eye shadow palettes since they look so pretty and b) BB is the beauty counter I visit most often on account of my eyebrow plucking appointments. But thats another story. So anyways, when I found out that they had yet another limited edition eye shadow palette coming out following the footsteps of the Chocolate Palette last year (which I love and still use), I simply HAD to try it.

WHAT makes this palette different from the chocolate palette (besides the fact that one cannot buy the chocolate palette anymore anyways cause its limited edition)? They certainly look similar enough at first glance and that is what I asked him too. Turns out, on closer examination, there are a wider variety of colors (with a few very pretty shimmers) that makes for an more interesting combination of looks- and I agree.Instead of just brown, the look has a more of a greyish tinge to it, which makes it really great smokey eyes at night i.e. like the model above. Check out the BB website for instructions on this looks. And yet its also great for a more casual day time look- I know, because that was what the make-up artist tried on me.
He used the first three shades from the top on my top lids, the first one as base, the third one as the first layer and the second one at the outer edges of my eye blended in near the crease and as an eyeliner. He then used the third one on the inner corners and the sixth one on the outer corners to line the edges of my bottom lid. This sounds really complicated, but he IS a make-up artist and when applied subtly its a great casual look- I LOVED it.

So naturally I bought myself a palette. And if you're interested too, I suggest you not hesitate and go out to get it now before it sells out. Last time I checked, the counter I was at only had 20 more palettes left- and its only been out for a few days!
Quick note: The staying power is also amazing. The eye shadow is still on after a shower and needs to be taken off with make-up remover. Usually it comes right off with water.


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