Not So Friendly

I knew a few months ago that when I wrote about recycling bags, I knew it was a hot item. I just didn't understand the extent of it until it came out in Hong Kong and Taiwan last Friday. I guess one just don't feel it until it hits closer to home. I even considered going to the store later on that day to "pick one up." Although knowing Asia, I should have known it wouldn't be so easy to get my hands on this cheap limited edition designer bag. People line up overnight for up to days on the streets if necessary for a pair of sneakers here after all. And I knew that this bag was anticipated by the masses as the Anya Hindmarch PR had done an excellent job here in Asia too and many celebs have been seen sporting this recycling bag as a handbag of sorts bringing them around shopping and to concerts with them. It had become sort of a status symbol to own one of these bags.

So I knew people wanted it, but I just didn't know the extent until the afternoon before the bag was out, when I passed by the department store that sold it and saw a huge bunch of people lined up outside for that bag! And let me tell you, Hong Kong in summer is hot AND extremely humid. We scurry from air conditioned space to another and even have connecting overhead bridges all over the Central area to minimize outside exposure. These people REALLY wanted this bag. Naturally I gracefully bowed out as I don't want it THAT much.
Next day, there were news of outraged people who lined up and didn't get the bag and the police had to be called in to disperse the angry mob. The stores selling it (which sold LOTS of other stuff) had to be temporarily closed because of that. But if you thought THAT is extreme over a $15USD bag, in Taiwan blood was shed over it! These bags are now currently being sold on ebay for $240USD! The things people do.

I don't know about Taiwan, but apparently there had been a very exclusive pre-order list that took up most of the quota. Exclusive, because believe me, we already asked if there was a list and was told there wasn't and we should come line up. Lesson of the day- chummy up with the sales people for a limited bag. Did I mention that with all the rage, this bag does not support any charitable causes? For such a quiet tiny store (well the one in HK used to be small and quiet) it has definitely put a big stamp on the fashion community and generated a huge profit margin lately!

I guess this environmentally friendly bag is not quite so friendly after all.


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