Haute Couture FW07 III

Roland Mouret
I have to admit, when I first saw the subscription email from Net-a-porter announcing that I could watch RM's first runway show online and pre-order the clothes, I wasn't at all excited. I mean ok, the Galaxy dress was huge and looked amazing on the celebs who wore it, but really, it's not like I (or probably most of you out there) has actually worn the Galaxy or have even seen one in real life. Plus it was a formal and mature-looking dress. So really, while I think Roland Mouret is a great designer who sadly lost his brand name, I wasn't exactly anticipating his new collection. But when I first clicked into vogue.co.uk to see the collection, I was in awe. I LOVE the collection. It's modern, clean, pretty, and is a good mix of lux-casual and lux-cocktail-ish.

The first dress already got me in love. It's black and white, and has such a young design. As for the 2nd outfit, I'm not a fan of hot pants, but that jacket is fantastic.

I really like the long coat on the left too. You noticing a pattern? And the outfit on the right -it's very French chic.
The outfit on the left -another outfit I love. The jacket is to-die-for, and that white skirt is so modern and cute. The dress on the right is called the Moon dress, which is kind of like the Galaxy 2.0.

Most of the outfits are black, white and blue.

Although I'm not too sure what I think about these finale dresses. I just don't like them as much as the dresses earlier in the show.

And of course, I've ogled at the Christian Louboutin ankle boots through all the photos. I suspect Net-a-porter will be very happy with the sales that will be generated from this collection! I want!!!

Armani Prive
For a couture show, this sure was a long show. Actually, it felt more like a ready-to-wear show than a couture show. Anyways, this Armani Prive collection is certainly different from the previous ones. For one, there was so much colour! From what I remember, the previous shows were mostly of black, white and silver. In this collection, there were surprising bursts of super bright colour.

Seriously, the tailoring is just amazing -look at how perfect the jackets are!

I didn't expect these dresses to be in an Armani Prive collection -look at all that colour. I wonder how much that flowery shawl will cost!

And here is more amazingly tailored clothes. Do you feel the rock'n'roll vibe? (This collection is supposedly inspired by rock'n'roll people.) I'm thinking this collection is more rock'n'rich.

Now these two are very Armani Prive outfits. The white dress on the right in particular feels very made for the red carpet.

The dress that I thought stood out in the collection is the finale dress (right picture.) It sparkles and it's got an original shape. It's mega-glamorous. I wonder how heavy it is though?

The only complaint I have is that the collection was too long and didn't connect together as well as it could have. There were just too many silhouettes fit into one collection.

What did you think of the new RM collection?
Photo credit: http://www.style.com/


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