Too Short

As much as I've been going on and on about how hot short shorts are recently, there is an occasion when I don't find them so hot. And that is when it is worn by guys. I don't mean to be sexist here, but when it comes to short shorts for guys, there is such a thing as being too short.

I thought this was just one of those obvious rules that everyone knows about and adheres to, but apparently not. When I was flicking through the Prada men's catalog for SS07- purely for research purposes of course ;)- I was aghast to see men wearing such short shorts! Call me traditional, but I do not think guys (no matter how good looking they are) should be wearing such short shorts on the streets in public unless they're going to the beach.
Especially not printed short shorts with a printed top. It just seems so inappropriate! I thought that perhaps this may be a phenomena reserved for the runway like some trends are. But my friend assures me that it is not and that one of his friends actually own a pair by Marc Jacobs. So just to reiterate, men should not wear short shorts on the streets no matter what Prada says.

Ps. Who else is jealous that these male models seems to have better and more hairless legs than most women?

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