Avril Lavigne Concert 2007

Yesterday HG and I went to the Avril Lavigne concert in Hong Kong. We were both very excited because we've been listening to her since Complicated back in high school and we really like her music. Even though her new CD doesn't quite measure up to her last and at first I did not even like it, the catchiness of the tunes eventually grew on me after a few replays. Its just the kind of music that makes one want to jump up and down. The point is, I was very excited to hear her live! After Gwen, Avril is definitely the second on my list of must see concerts!
The stage setting was very Avril, with a pink skull printed curtain background thing, neon pink mikes and well pink everything.
She opened with a bang with Girlfriend. Dressed in a black tank, pink plaid mini and those doc marten looking boots (whatever you call them), she was every part Avril. She even had dances to match her songs, which I thought was very cute, though some of the moves were actually very high schoolish- but then again I guess it was appropriate since it was a pretty teeny bopper crowd. What I found most impressive about her though was her voice, which I thought was amazing- she was literally screaming with a high clear voice that never cracked.
Other random thoughts: Her eye make-up was very very dark. She really knew how to move the crowd, jumping around very hyped looking cute and everything (like a little girl). According to my cousin who met her backstage, she's actually really really short. And over all it was just a great performance and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Though admittedly, it didn't quite hyped me up as much as the Gwen concert, but then, Gwen is a tough act to follow. And they're really both playing at very different crowds.

Next Stop- Spice Girls!

Ps. Sorry my pictures are so blurry, I really need to get a better camera.


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