The DvF Wrap Dress

Everyone knows about the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. Everyone who loves fashion anyway. It is the legendary dress that is perfect for all occasions, from work to shopping to dinner to a night out. I have always coveted one, but thought that they were a bit too old for my age and out of my price range. Besides, what makes it so different from say, wrap dresses one finds at Top Shop, that is at least half the price? Well, the other day passing by the DvF store, I finally experienced the magic of the DvF wrap dress. The fit is truly amazing and staring at oneself in the store mirror, one just feels wonderful. Very chic, put-together, smart yet feminine and sexy. I don't know what I was thinking when I thought it old. Maybe it is a taste acquired when you step into the twenties and above age bracket....

Anyway, previously I've tried on a few wrap dresses before at Top Shop hoping to find something similar, but alas, because I have a small chest, they never fitted well. The V was always too loose and so it hung in a most unattractive manner- but not with the DvF dress, it fits perfectly. I haven't figured out why- the cutting? the jersey material?- but Diane is definitely doing something right and deserves to be the queen of the wrap dress!

Image Source: Diane von Furstenberg


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