Shiseido Maquillage Neo Climax Lip

A year ago, I've decided to abstain from buying any lip-related makeup products because I hardly ever apply anything other than lip balm on my lips -lipstick always seems too mature to me and lip gloss never seems to stays put for more than 15 minutes. (Anyone else feels the same?) But while I was waiting for the makeup lady at a Shiseido shop to try on eyeshadow on my mum, I got bored and looked at the new products. I very quickly noticed Shiseido's younger line, Maquillage's ad. I absolutely love this look, especially as a night look. Doesn't the model look so sophisticated, cool and pretty?
The product that really caught my eye was the new 'Neo Climax Lip', which is described by the saleslady as an in-between of lipstick and lipgloss. She suggested I try on the colour that the model had on. I did that and loved it! Like the ad suggested, it wasn't overly sparkly, and gave a cool, glossy finish to my lips. Unlike the lip glosses (too sheer) or lipsticks (too strong) that I own, this product actually gave my lips a perfect amount of colour.
You know how you get to an age where you feel like you're in-between for everything? Too young for certain things and too old for others? I want some lip colour that will stay on but I'm not ready for lipstick yet. So basically, I consider this a more sophisticated-looking version of lipgloss. On the Maquillage site, there's this image which shows how you apply this product (-which is simply how you apply all other similar lip products.) So do check out the Neo Climax Lip when you pass by a Shiseido counter next time!


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