SS07 Beauty Trend: Clip The Front Back

Ever since watching the Olsen twins' last movie, New York Minute ages ago, I have started wearing my hair like the way Ashley did in this screenshot occasionally in the summer. (It feels much more like a summer-y hairstyle rather than winter-y doesn't it?) I've always thought of it as an easy, potentially sleek or cute hairstyle. Interestingly, it was the choice of hairstyle on the Versace SS07 runway.

If you have wavy hair or hair that is curled at the ends, then you can make this hairstyle look glamorous.

If you have straight hair (like I do,) then you can make this hairstyle look uber-sleek on you. One thing that I love about this hairstyle is that it seriously accentuates your features, especially your eyes. So if you're wearing this hairstyle for a night out, pile on the mascara and eyeliner, or make sure to highlight your cheekbones!

But I can think of a few types of people who probably shouldn't wear this hairstyle. If you a) have a long face or forehead; b) have lots of pimples on your forehead; c) are over a certain age, then this hairstyle would probably just accentuate those features.
This hairstyle is great for everyday life because it's so easy to do. All you have to do is brush back the front part of your hair and use two pins to pin them in place at the crown of your head. I know this hairstyle is portrayed as a glamorous and sexy hairstyle at Versace show, but I think it's actually nice and practical if you're going to work and just want your hair out of your face. Another reason I like it is that it prevents the hair at the front from getting oily from contact with my face, which inevitably gets oily as the day goes on (-isn't that so annoying?) Plus, it's just a fun alternative to leaving my hair down everyday. Have you been wearing your hair like that too?
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