A New Take on 3.1 Phillip Lim

In the past few seasons, Phillip Lim has been one of the NY's new 'big' fashion designers. People love his clothes because they're chic, girly but not overly so, wearable and don't look cheap. I've always thought his designs were pretty and loveable, but I wasn't too interested in them. Maybe because I can't quite imagine myself wearing clothes so mature. Afterall, I'm a somewhat fashionably-unbothered student -my outfits are usually just jeans and simple tops.
But a family friend/ 3.1-enthusiast recently asked, 'How could you not like Phillip Lim (more)?!?' That got me thinking and instead of looking again at the photos from his SS07 runway collection, I went onto his website, www.31philliplim.com and looked through all the lookbooks. Wow. The lookbooks had the outfits styled much more realistically and they were heavy doses of fashionable, girly, young and romantic outfits. I especially loved the Spg '07 pt1 lookbook. You HAVE to go check the lookbooks out if you haven't done so already -I felt like I was drunk on all that prettiness, much like after I watched Marie Antoinette!

True, I still think that Phillip Lim's clothes aren't completely suitable for a 21 year old student (esp budget-wise), but I am definitely going to stop to take a look at his clothes next time I'm in a department store. Hey, it doesn't hurt to look right? Or perhaps when the summer sales are on in June......
Photo sources: elle.com, 31philliplim.com


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