Paris Fashion Week FW07 Wrap Up II

Its finally PARIS. Man, I miss being in Paris so much. Anyways, onto the shows...

When I first glanced at it, I winced and thought, "oh no, not another crazy mismatched bicycle shorts collection!" But on closer examination (omg this is beginning to sound like one of my papers!), it is actually just Chanel being fashion forward and youthful- and I love it!

My favourite thing how Karl combines the checkered pattern with the bright colors, especially this blue outfit (center). The color is so refreshing and different. Also note the silk scarf tied belt used here. And of course, I also like the hints of purple (right). Oh and check out those cool checkered trimmed ankle boots (left)!
More cute bright outfits. The white outfit is elegant and oh-so-chanel (left). I am LOVING that baby blue bag, it just completely brightens up the already bright outfit (center). And how CUTE is that puffy coat? It actually makes me want to go out and get one just like that RIGHT NOW!
Hip, young, vibrant and trendy. Karl's interpretation of this season's style is just genius. Aren't those gold ankle boots so cool(right)?
I just adore this long black jacket over white blouse and belt look (left). Looks like according to Karl, the skinny black pants are still "in" next season. The patent trim (center) and the black/white coils (right) also completely updates the little black dress here. Fabulous! I just adore this collection!
Although there were still a few which I simply do not get. Did he pay a visit to a psychiatric hospital? That shirt on the right. . . looks like one of those strait jackets!
And WHAT is with the eyebrows? That is just scary.

Conversely for the Givenchy collection, I first thought how stylish it looked.

These stylishly put together outfits are my thing after all. Those high waisted loose black trousers were even growing on me.
Even the casual layering here (left) and the modern dresses (center, right) looked cool- well except for those ghastly pink sparkly shoes.
But for the most part, the outfits were way over the top and not very aesthetically pleasing nor coherant .i.e. outfits above.

Even though it looks vastly different from their previous floral collection (this one is very very gray), I rather liked this collection.
I thought his interpretation of the form of this season's trend was spot on, classy and very well tailored. The crinkles on the sleeves of this grey shift dress is not just any random crease after all.
And I definitely like the structured forms here with the skirt (center) and bell sleeves (right).
But there is still something that is not there with the evening wear. The material and the cut is not very flattering to the form. And evening wear IS suppose to make one look great right? Although I suppose we'll be seeing someone wearing that grey dress some time soon to some event soon enough.

Oh, I can't wait to see what Paulo Melim has done with Chloe!


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