Mischa's Recent Hits, OKs and Misses

You always see Mischa Barton in the 'who's wearing the trend' or 'best outfits' sections of fashion magazines. But she is also known to wear a few not-very-flattering outfits out and about. She's a spectrum dresser -one who has hits, oks and misses. Here are a bunch of candids from this year:
Miss -White footless tights with that black shift dress look awkward together, and that pair of green sandals is definitely a no.
OK -Maybe it's because the black dress is so casual and that cardigan isn't, but this outfit is only so-and so.
Miss -The public display of bras is not cool. This dress could have been very classy if she had worn a solid top underneath.
Hit -I really like this outfit which is weird because it's all red and lacy, but it's other details like the ruffles in front and the fit are just so right. And the nude, patent shoes is a good modern choice to go with the otherwise all red outfit.
Hit- Mischa walking around in Paris. Love this outfit. It's casual in a sophisticated way.
Hit -Yes I like boring and simple outfits, although the hat and the necklace really adds something to the outfit. And yes, those are actually jeans, not pants, (I zoomed into the pic.)
Hit -Love the boho vibe from the outfit. It's boho in a pretty, not-messy way.
OK -The coat is so lovely and everything looks casual but put-together. The problem is her shoes.
OK -Mischa's wearing a nice casual little white dress for daytime, (but I don't like this particular white dress that much.) LWDs are must-haves this season!
Controversial -Loads of people made fun of Mischa wearing that dress on the left, but I think it's actually nice because it's like a sophisticated ballerina outfit. And that all-black outfit on the right, I'm not sure what but something seems off about it. Maybe it's the shorts or the leather jacket?
Hits -OK, so these aren't candids, but she (and the outfits) looked so pretty I couldn't resist. The black sequined dress with the coat are just perfect (left). And that gold dress (right) is pretty and right-on-trend without being too metallic and shiny.

Isn't it so unfair those gold Keds actually look cool with that sort-of-formal outfit (black sequined dress; above left)?


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