The OC -The End

So The OC finally ended two weeks ago. Who hasn't watched it by now? The episodes have been so ridiculous (more so than usual) in Jan and Feb that I was kind of glad they ended it. Thankfully, the ending was surprisingly good and satisfying.

In a rather typical Californian-style ending, there was an earthquake. No one got seriously hurt of course, and everyone still looked quite fab, like Summer here. Then there was some crazy, ridiculous story lines about Julie's undecisive marriage to Bullit, Frank and actually, no one. Yes, Julie became independent. The storyline was terrible but I LOVEd Summer and Taylor's bridesmaid dresses. They were SO pretty!! Afterwards, the Cohens had a new little girl and they move to live in Berkeley.
The happiest part of the season finale was the last few minutes where we saw the future. Julie get a business degree -we're so proud of her, seeing how she started off as a gold-digging wife. Summer and Seth got married (thank goodness -we did invest four years in them!) Ryan becomes an architect -I knew there was a reason I loved him more than Seth. He actually has brainss and some sense of responsibility.
And the most touching part? Definitely when Ryan walked down the memory lane -back from when he first arrived at the Cohen's house to those amazing, memorable few seconds when he aw Marissa while he was in the car. I loved those few seconds because she turned out to be such a big part of his life.
Sigh, I'm really really going to miss looking at the beautiful clothes. They were totally the best-dressed cast on TV.
The good news is, Josh Schwartz (the creator of the OC) is now working on his next project, Gossip Girl. I don't know how many of you have actually read the Gossip Girl series, and even though I feel like I'm past the age, I can't wait to see how it's adapted into the small screen!
Bye bye OC!! We'll miss you -at least Season 1 anyway.


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