Prada SS07: Fringe Accessories

I simply cannot ignore it anymore as a catwalk anomaly there for show, Prada fringe accessories are everywhere.

On the catwalk on their clothes, their bags.. . .

on more of their bags, on their shoes. . . on their ad. . .
and now even in their store. They've devoted a whole SECTION to these things!

I know that where Miuccia leads, we all follow. But this time, I fear that I will have to stay behind. Personally I am very freaked out by this phenomena, because I really really really do not like these fringe things. It reminds me of cross between Cousin IT from the Adam's Family and red indian costumes. As if THAT isn't creepy enough, now she wants us to carry mini cousin IT's around and wear him ON US?? Ah. . . please keep IT away from me!


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